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Tips for Baking Cookies

Your guide to weighing ingredients for sugar cookie baking perfection

Weighing your sugar cookie ingredients
To get the correct amounts, I recommend weighing the ingredients for your cookie baking. This is one of the main keys to successful baking. Fundamental to good, and reproducible cookies is having the correct ratios between the amounts of flour, liquid and fats. So, for solid ingredients I recommend weighing rather than volume measures.
As you will have seen on the Cookery Measurements page, it is the weight of ingredients that matters. Where ingredients are measured by volume, (cups, spoons) then that is for convenience.
So, if you have the choice, measure by weight.
Next, some recipes give more than one method of measurement, e.g. ounces and grams. Please choose which you are going to use for this recipe and stick to it throughout.
There are three main types of weighing scales:- the balance type, the spring type and electronic scales.
When using the balance scales, the target weight is placed on one side of a ‘see-saw’ and the ingredient on the other until the see-saw becomes level. The sensitivity of the scale to small weights may be small and it is not easy to weigh ingredients when adding them to a bowl that already has some items in it.

On the spring type, a container on top of the scales is loaded with ingredient and the needle moves over an indicator scale until the correct wright is indicated. Spring scales can become ‘sticky’ over time and cannot easily be used for weighing ingredients when adding them to a bowl.

When using an electronic scale, the zero can be set at any point and ingredients added until the correct weight is indicated.
Personally I use an electronic scale. They are very accurate, easy to use and can be used when adding ingredients to a bowl.
For example, you have used your mixer to cream butter and sugar. Now. take the bowl from the mixer and place it on the electronic scales. Put the sieve on the bowl and press the ‘Zero’ button on the scale. As you add the flour you can see the exact weight. When it is correct lift the sieve and sieve in the flour ready for the next step.

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