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Tips for Baking Cookies

Your guide to the baking tools you need for sugar cookie perfection

Your guide to the baking tools for sugar cookies
When it comes to baking the best of cookies it really helps if you have the right tools. You do not need a huge range of tools, nor do they need to be expensive. But having the right tools to hand makes the job so much easier.
Follow each of the links below for individual guides. They are arranged in a typical baking sequence.
Measuring ingredients
Discover the types and importance of measurements for baking right here.

Weighing ingredients
Measuring ingredients by volume

Rolling and cutting
Now you have your dough, for many cookies the next step is to get rolling and cutting the dough ready for the oven.
Baking and after
To bake your cookies you pop them onto baking sheets and scoop them off with a pallet knife onto a cooling rack.
Ovens, a quick guide to oven types
Most cookie recipes call for baking at specific temperatures and for relatively short periods, a few minutes. To get the right results, link here to understand the type of oven you are working with so that you get those top quality results.

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