Tasty Ayrshire shortbread recipe

Ayrshire Scottish shortbread recipe
This Ayrshire Scottish shortbread recipe is unusual in that there is the addition of some liquid in its ingredients. This makes it a little easier to handle and roll out than many shortbread recipes – and a little richer too!
Do not be tempted to roll out the shortbreads too thinly or they will dry out too much in cooking.

All purpose flour – 4 oz
Ground rice/ rice flour – 4 oz

Butter – 4 oz (this must be well softened)

Caster sugar – 4 oz

1 egg yolk beaten

Double cream – 1 tablespoon

Vanilla essence – 1/2 teaspoon


Large bowl

Two non-stick heavyweight baking sheets

Wire cooling racks

Rolling pin

Flat knife to mix flour

Desert spoon for mixing

Palette knife to lift the shortbread onto the rack.

Set the oven to warm up to 350F, Gas Mk 4.
Prepare your baking sheets. If you do not have non stick baking sheets then butter/ grease the ones you are using.

Sift the flour and ground rice into the bowl. Place the opened flour packet nearby ready for rolling later.

Measure out the caster sugar into a small bowl and place nearby.

Separate the egg and pop the yolk into a small cup, beat well and place nearby.

Put the butter into the bowl. Using your long bladed flat knife cut the butter into many pieces, mixing it into the flour.

Now get your hands into the mix and rub the butter and flour mixture until a uniform texture. Pour in the sugar and rub that in as well.

Add the egg yolk, cream and vanilla, mix in with a spoon. Return to rubbing to get a consistent mix.

Flour your work surface and pull the soft dough together in the bowl. Place on the floured surface and knead gently to a smooth consistency ready for rolling.

Roll out to between 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick.

Tip! do not roll too thin.

Cut into fingers about 1″ wide and 3″ to 4″ long. Place on the baking sheet with 1/2″ space between. They do not spread when cooking.

Bake for about 15 minutes until a light golden color. Do not let them get dark brown or they will taste burnt and dry.

Sprinkle with sugar as soon as they are removed from the oven.

Allow to cool on the sheets for 5 minutes. then, using your palette knife, slip them onto the wire racks to cool.

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