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Welcome to the world of Scottish Cookies

Last summer we had the opportunity to study Scottish cookies, biscuits and shortbreads at first hand. We went to Scotland for our vacation. We travelled there for a sailing championships, but that is another story.
We were staying in North Berwick, a pleasant seaside town about twenty miles to the east of Edinburgh on the south bank of the Firth of Forth.

Whilst there we took the opportunity to sample many of the Scottish recipes for cookies, biscuits and shortbreads. We even managed to purchase a real beech wood Scottish shortbread mould with the traditional carved thistle head. That was brought home and was oiled so as to be ready for use when needed. Scottish recipes are noted for their use of local ingredients. Oats rather than wheat flour, rolled with a knobbly texture as well as ground flour. Fruits flavors, especially raspberry and strawberry both of which grow well in this ‘garden of Scotland’ area. Honey which adds an extra delicious moistness to the cookies and lubricates the oaty knobbles. The recipes that you see listed here are all simple to follow and will add variety to your cookie baking.


Shortbread is so called as it is normally low on fat and liquid content so making for a relatively dry mix. Normal all purpose wheat flour is the main ingredient and eggs are rarely used.

Try these:-

Scottish shortbread

Ayrshire shortbread – an exception to the shortbread rule as it uses the yolk of an egg.

Cookies and biscuits

Honey & Oat cookie – thin, oaty and chewy
Honey & Oat cookie No. 2 – oaty and crisper
A new recipe – Scottish Spoon Fruit Cookies, with real fruit topping.
A modern take on the traditional Scottish honey and oat cookie recipe.

A bit of a change, a savory cookie (but it does include sugar in the recipe) with a delicate cheese flavor for snacking or to go with a cheese course after dinner. The Scottish Cheese Oatcake recipe.

A Scottish recipe for gingernut cookies with a twist. A winter’s afternoon recipe for Scottish gingernuts.