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Savory cookie and other miscellaneous recipes

Savory cookie and other miscellaneous recipes
This site is focused on information and recipes for sugar cookies. But, like any cook, we do make other food items, and this section has a random selection for you to try.
The first section is about cookies; but this time savoury ones. Some may not strictly qualify as ‘cookies’ but they do use the same style of baking. So pick your recipe and get cooking!

Savory cookies

Stilton and Sesame seed cookies
These are small, savoury biscuits and should be served as an apetizer with your aperitifs. Stilton is a classic, blue veined, semi hard English cheese with a fairly strong taste and quite salty. You can use other cheeses to replace it. Do choose ones with a distinct flavor and that are soft enough to mix in to a smooth paste. Click here for the stilton & sesame recipe
Posh fish cakes
Whoever said fish cakes were only for kids hasn’t tried these ones. Packed with flavor – and a homemade tartare sauce – these are a great Friday evening treat. Click here for posh fish cakes
Favorite family recipes
My friend, John Oliver, writes up his favorite recipes from time to time for all to share. I’ve been a guest at his table many a time and can vouch for the cooking. Give them a try. Click here for Family favorite recipes
International Section
This section holds a variety of miscellaneous and cookie recipes from around the world.
Lets start with an Italian flavor. Small, crisp star shaped biscuits just cryingout for a good cup of coffee to accompany them. Italian Crispy Star Cookie recipe
Moving East we visit Greece for a family celebration favorite, Greek New Year bread.

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