Sugar Cookie Recipe of the Month

This section of the site introduces you to our selected Sugar Cookie Recipe of the month. Each month we select just one of our favorite recipes that links closely to the season.

Have you notice how, with increasing ability to preserve and transport foods, the seasons foods now appear to merge into one another? Yet part of the fun in eating is changing your eating habits as the seasons pass, adapting your cooking to the range of fresh ingredients.

This does not apply too much to baking sugar cookie recipes, as the supply of most of our ingredients is not season dependent. But the sentiments and flavors certainly are!

So here are some suggestions for you. SOme are based on teh seasons, some are based on dates that are significant to our family, but I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless.

Pick your month, and follow the link.


Traditional style, Scottish honey and oat cookie , a summer holiday recipe.


Ben’s honey and choc chip cookie recipe , to mark the arrival of our first grandson on September 8th.


The Trafalgar 200 celebration cookie recipe. The 21st October 2005 marked the 200th anniversary of this great naval battle.


The end of October is Halloween, and the beginning of November is All Saints’ day followed by All Souls’ day. So a cookie to match this theme is in order.

Try our special ‘Soul Cake’ cookie recipe. Just spot on!!


You will just have to wait a little longer!