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About the Sugar Cookies Blog

What is a sugar cookie blog you may ask? Well a blog is a slang term that comes from the phrase, “we[b log],” and it is a way of adding interactive, frequently updated information to a website.

It’s also a way for those who are interested to keep up with my thoughts and discoveries about sugar cookies, without having to repeatedly take the time to visit the website.

the Founder Tony has retired from but you can still visit his continued work at his sugar cookies blog all about baking great sugar cookies.

There are a couple of ways you can access the blog…

You can bookmark this page, visit a couple times a week, and click through this link to get to it:
“easy-sugar-cookie-recipes” Blog

You could also bookmark this site, check out the latest headlines from the blog by looking at this little graphic, and then decide if you want to click through…

You can also add my RSS feed to to your RSS reader.

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Enjoy… and please register and publish your best cookie recipes and we would love some of your photos when you have baked them

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