Discover the secrets of baking sugar cookies right here, right now!

Hi, glad to see you.

There is nothing so welcoming as the smell of home baking wafting from a hot oven or rising gently from cookies or cakes cooling on the rack.

Whether it is for Christmas or a festive occasion, for special flavors like gingerbread or just for fun and made with love, they all give off that great aroma. You just have to stop by, pick one up and eat it. Mmmmm….

Yet many shy away from baking. At first glance it seems difficult. There are so many ways to cook using flour, and so many apparently special techniques that I found it confusing. So many ways it seems I could go wrong. I know, because I left it a long time before trying it!

Don’t you think that many of the instructions in recipes seem to be written in a different language? They seem to assume a good depth of knowledge and experience before you can even start. They certainly are not a model of clarity!

So, having taken the plunge, I’ve built this site and dedicated it to you to help to make it easy for you to succeed. Here we are, ready to give sugar cookie baking a try.

As someone who is interested in baking this site has been packed full of information just for you!

As a newcomer – with easy to follow comprehensive recipes and lots of guidance notes and explanations do you will find baking success – and know why!

As an experienced baker – find a wide range of easy-to-follow recipes quickly. You will quickly broaden your range of cookie baking and expertise. Read our Baking Backgrounder for loads of more detailed information.

As a Mom or Granddad – wanting to share the love of baking for and with others with your kids or grandchildren.

In this site you will find:-

  • Easy to follow sugar cookie recipes
  • Full instructions about the critical elements of the recipe
  • How to adjust recipes to suit your circumstances.
  • A little about the science behind baking to help you understand what is important.
  • A whole section on conversions so you can adapt other’s recipes.
  • Information about oven types and how to adapt to them.
  • Ingredient knowledge helping you to adapt and refine to suit your tastes.

If you are about to bake your first sugar cookies then go straight to our first recipe page. Choose the right version for you.

Do you want the American Sugar Cookies version using pounds for weight and Fahrenheit for temperatures or the European sugar cookies version with grams for weight and Celsius for temperature.

Want to know more about home baking? Read our Baking Backgrounder. This has information on the science of baking, materials and weights and measures.

Just looking for recipes? Then select from our range of cookies to find the ones for you.

Happy baking and just watch those smiles as friends and families tuck in to the fresh, homemade cookies you have produced.